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We digitize, copy, scan and burn the following source formats:
Super 8, normal 8, video home system, DVD, CD, Mini data processing, video home system, s-video home system, Hi8, Video8, 16mm, MPEG, AVI, SVCD, VCD, 35mm, Pathé, U-Matic, digital Betacam, digital pictures, Dia`s - further formats and norm transducemment on request!

super 8 / normal 8

Source format
8mm - film
A high-quality overacting, price-orients and appropriately.
A high-quality overacting and rework, quality-orient and individually.
A flicker-free overacting and rework, high-quality and individually.
Overacting in TV-Studio quality, high-quality and individually.
Delivery time
High-quality quality needs time: three weeks

video home system, hi8, video8

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+49 8081 - 955 013
Office hours: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm